Recall Basics: What to Know

You may have recently received something in the mail regarding a safety recall notice on your vehicle. If you received something like this and aren’t sure what the next steps should be, then take a look at our guide put together by the service team at Walker Mazda. We’ll go over what a recall is, how to check if you have one, and how Walker Mazda can help you get the repairs you need and get back on the Pineville roads.

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What Is a Recall?

A safety recall is a notice that is sent to you from the manufacturer of your vehicle or from the NHTSA indicating that there is a mechanical issue on your make and model that could potentially cause a safety issue on the Opelousas roads. To avoid any possibility of an accident on the road, your vehicle’s manufacturer or the NHTSA will send you a recall notice via first-class mail. Any necessary repairs that are needed for the recall will be covered by your vehicle’s manufacturer at no cost to you. 

What Is the NHTSA?

As mentioned earlier, a recall is decided by your vehicle’s manufacturer or by the NHTSA. The NHTSA stands for “National Highway Traffic Safety Administration”, and they are regarded as one of the most reliable sources for vehicle safety. The NHTSA does annual reviews of all different kinds of makes and models in every aspect of safety, including overall vehicle safety, crashworthiness, and more. 

How to Know If Your Vehicle Has a Recall

You should receive a safety recall notice in your mail. However, if you recently relocated and have a different mailing address, or if you bought a used vehicle, and the recall information was sent to the previous owner, then you yourself may not have received any kind of safety recall notice in the mail. If you didn’t receive a safety recall notice and want to see if your vehicle has a recall, then you can go to your vehicle’s manufacturer website. Once you’re on the manufacturer’s website, you want to find the “recall status” page on the website. Once you’re on the recall status page, you’ll put in your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and you can then review any available recall information about your vehicle. 

How to Find Your Vehicle’s VIN 

You can usually find your VIN on any purchase documents, insurance cards, vehicle titles, and registration forms. You can also find your VIN inside of your vehicle near the driver’s side dash or inside the driver’s side door. If all else, you can consult your owner’s manual to find the VIN. Your VIN should be a 17-character number. 

What to Do If You Get a Safety Recall Notice

If you find out that your vehicle has a safety recall, then schedule a service appointment at Walker Mazda. When you drop off your vehicle with our service team, just show anyone on the team your vehicle recall information or notice, and we’ll take care of any necessary repairs right away. It’s important to remember that any repairs that are needed to fix the recall won’t cost you anything, since the manufacturer will cover any recall repair costs. So, all you have to do is bring us your vehicle, and we’ll get you back on the Lake Charles in no time at all.

Get Your Safety Recall Taken Care of in Alexandria

Now that you know what a recall is and how to find out if your vehicle has one, schedule service at our dealership in Alexandria to get all of your safety recall repairs taken care of immediately. Contact us to care for any necessary recall repairs and answer any of your other service-related questions.

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